The Recorder – Tender process delayed for new fire station in Greenfield


Published: 07/15/2022 17:55:56

Modified: 07/15/2022 17:55:42

GREENFIELD — The bidding process for the new fire station has been pushed back nearly three weeks to meet the requirements of a federal grant application.

Bids for subcontractors will now be due on August 10, while bids for general contractors will be due on August 24. Originally, bids were due on July 20 and July 27 respectively, to allow construction to start in early September.

The city has a 30-day window after receiving bids to award a contract, according to Katrina Pacheco of Pacheco Ross Architects.

Pacheco explained that the company needs more time to include the dependency information in the tender dossier, not only to produce a more complete dossier for bidders, but to better describe the scope of the project. for a grant through the United States Department of Agriculture Community. Direct facility loan and grant program.

“In order for us to do a good job and make sure they have the best information to make an appropriate offer – and to meet the requirements of the grant in describing (the project) and getting the price – we needed this extension of time,” she said.

Fire hall building committee co-chair Butch Hawkins said the fire hall building committee’s executive committee believes the potential benefits of the nearly $1 million federal grant outweigh a few weeks late.

“There are opportunities along the way with potential for us to make up for this time,” he said. “We are still concerned about the endgame here and the payment of the temporary (station) … as we push back the dates. Hopefully along the way we can recover that time and get back into line with our schedule.

To date, the project has received site approval and a special permit, with conditions, from the Zoning Appeal Board for the new fire hall, which is planned to be built on Main Street near Coombs.

These conditions include the planting of low-growing green shrubs along the parking area on the Coombs Avenue side of the development; adding a barrier around the concrete transformer pad (or a transformer that provides significant sound reduction); and that the project meets all city and state building requirements. ZBA members also approved the sewer connection plans, while acknowledging receipt of a memo submitted by Technical Superintendent Alan Twarog.

The overall budget of $17 million for the fire station includes $2 million for the construction of the temporary station on Hope Street, in addition to the construction of the new station, professional fees and provident funds. The temporary fire station, which the department moved into last September, is expected to be used for two years.

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