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SLT-MOBITEL, the national ICT solutions provider driving the future of the country’s telecommunications industry, has unveiled the deployment of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions, reinforcing its commitment to digital transformation and l optimization of operations for client companies.

To strengthen its customer process automation offering, SLT-MOBITEL recently signed a strategic agreement with UiPath LLC, a leading software vendor in RPA technology. By partnering with UiPath, SLT-MOBITEL is able to maximize the benefits of digital services for customers. EGUARDIAN is the local value added distributor in Sri Lanka.

The agreement was recently signed by authorized signatories Kiththi Perera, Managing Director of SLT, Mafaz Fahrid Managing Director of EGUARDIAN.

With real business potential, RPA is a software technology that makes it easier to build, deploy, and manage software robots that mimic human actions interacting with digital systems and software. In particular, to automate important business processes such as repetitive and rule-based tasks, data validation and collection, bulk process automation, data comparison and reporting, etc. By using RPA technology, customers can streamline labor-intensive manual efforts, avoid human error, increase employee productivity and efficiency, and reduce costs, thereby driving growth. of the company.

Expressing his views on the signing of the agreement, Kiththi Perera, CEO of SLT, said: “The focus on digital communications has increased over the past two years and most organizations have re-engineered their process. SLT-MOBITEL, as a pioneer, is excited to provide RPA solutions to enable businesses to reduce data processing costs while optimizing critical customer experience touchpoints, creating a win-win situation for digital transformation and customer satisfaction.

Thanks to the unparalleled synergies of SLT-MOBITEL and UiPath, enterprise customers now have the ability to transform customer-related processes through the integration of automation solutions based on RPA technology, resulting in productivity and scanning.

Commenting on the new partnership, Mafaz Fahrid, CEO of EGUARDIAN, said, “Digitalization is the integration of digital technologies into daily life, and we are delighted to be a partner of SLT-MOBITEL for their automation. The vision of EGUARDIAN with SLT is to provide automation as a service to Sri Lankan businesses, helping them to thrive while improving customer experience.

With RPA technology deployed by SLT-MOBITEL, customers are assured of redundancy and stability, security when bots connect to the cloud orchestrator’s secure channel, a cost-effective solution with no maintenance, less latency , where line managers can perform tasks more easily and the data residency issue is addressed. With orchestrator running in the UiPath cloud and bots running in the SLT private cloud, disaster recovery facilities are secure while SLT-MOBITEL is equipped with 15 certified developers who can easily provide consulting and implementation guidance. works for customers.

The application of RPA technologies offered by SLT-MOBITEL represents great incremental value for organizations providing increased efficiency of business processes, operational visibility and optimized performance.


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