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Dispersal of seed balls by drones:
The Harabahara Project was undertaken by Marut Dsons Company
A million seed balls strewn across the forests of Amarabad
Seeds like chinta, banyan, bamboo, kanuga, etc.
The goal is to plant 1 billion saplings by 2030

The government and voluntary organizations work together to increase the area of ​​forests by spreading seed balls. Using the latest technology, balls of seeds are spread using drones so plants can grow even in dense forests where humans cannot go. As part of the Harabahara project, Marut Drones Company has scattered 1 lakh seed balls in the forests of Amarabad, Nagarkurnool district.

Seed balls for growing forests:
These seed balls are used to grow plants in the forest area. The seeds of various plants are mixed with mixtures like soil and urea and formed into balls. Each ball is made to hold 50-70 seeds. They are scattered in the forest area and the high hills. These seeds are easily germinated during the rainy season by throwing the seed balls on the mounds. This method is very useful for reforestation. The Telangana government has followed these seed ball policies since the start of the Haritaharam program. But the company Marut Drones offered to use the technology for this method and to scatter seed balls through drones.

Seed balls by drones in the forests of Amarabad:
Seed balls are propagated by drones in the Amarabad mandal forest range of Nagarkurnool district. Maruth Drones Company has taken over the Harabahara project and is spreading seedballs in dense forest areas where humans cannot go. The seed balls are filled in a special box in the drone and these balls are deposited in the required places by operating the system. For the first time in the country, Marut Drones Company has undertaken this seed ball project and is helping to plant trees in the forest areas of many districts of Telangana.

Drones that scatter one lakh seed balls:
The Haribahara program is organized jointly with the Haritaharam program. Marut Drones Company has so far scattered one lakh seed balls in the forests of Amarabad. Among these, seeds like chinta, ravi, bamboo, juvvi, memalinara, kanuga, marri were spread out in the form of clay balls. The representative of the organization explained that these types of plants grow more in the forests of Amarabad and specially selected these types of plants. A total of 320 acres of dense forest, the seeds were scattered in the valleys and on the high hills.

The goal is to plant 1 billion plants by 2030:
Team leader Shravan said that Marut Drone Company will not launch Harabahara project in 2021. Last year, movie actor Rana launched this program and spread 50 lakh seed balls over 12,000 hectares. Shravan explained that the Forest Department released a report indicating that 60% of plants have grown due to this process and the forest area has increased by 30%. Marut Drones Company officials explained that the Harabahara project is progressing with the aim of planting 1 billion trees by 2030. This year, Kamareddy, Adilabad, Sangareddy, Janagam and Nagar have been undertaken in Kurnool district. Marut Drones Team Leader Phone Number: 7780589399

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