Black Adam producer provides post-production update on first release



Black Adam brought Dwayne Johnson to the DCEU in July, and now producer Hiram Garcia has provided an update on where the film is currently located.


It’s been at least a few weeks since we heard an update on Dwayne Johnson Black adam movie, and that means it’s time for a post-production update from producer Hiram Garcia. With Johnson keeping fans in the loop during filming on his DC debut, Garcia has taken up the torch since the film ended with regular news on where they are now, and with a sequel already hinted at, there’s certainly a lot riding on Johnson’s “disruptive” hero doing business when he hits theaters this summer.

Currently, the film is in the midst of post-production and already has some initial editing completed, which has highlighted a few things that Garcia and director Collet-Serra are now working to refine based on what they learned during the filming. assembly of the director’s first cut. . In a new interview with ColliderGarcia explained at length the process they are going through right now. He said:


“Oh, we just saw the director’s cut recently, and we were really excited. As you know, a lot of times when you see this early cut, it sets a table where you realize, ‘Okay, now we understand how much work we have to do. Admittedly, the film is at a stage where there are no effects. It’s so cool after the shoot. But every time the movie is this entertaining and good in that raw form, it makes us feel very confident. So excited about where the movie is. ”

Garcia continues to rent Collet-Serra and The Rock.

“Jaume did such a good job. The movie is great. It’s fun. DJ was born to play Black Adam. I have to tell you, if there’s ever someone who is perfect for this role, it’s is him. Then seeing him with the rest of the JSA and all these characters and Pierce and Aldis and Quintessa and Noah, it’s a moment that pinches me. It was one of the funniest movies we’ve ever made. and also the coolest thing to do on that scale and with a character that’s going to have so much of an effect on the DC Universe. It’s really awesome, and I think you’re going to really dig into it. “

Black adam has been in the works for a long time for Johnson, who has been professing for many months now that this is the superhero movie that will “disrupt the DECU hierarchy” and what has been seen in the clips so far and premieres of DC FanDome, Johnson’s own Instagram account and other events, it is certainly shaping up to be one of the great movies of 2022. If anyone had any doubts, the performance of Johnson in the movie was recently voted one of the Most Anticipated New Releases. performance of the year alongside that of DC newcomer Robert Pattinson, who will be making his debut in The batman in March.

Black adam is set to hit theaters on July 29, 2022, when we find out how much of an impact the film has on the superhero genre.


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