Auditor General recommends recovery of losses; prosecute those responsible


COLOMBO (News 1st); The Auditor General of Sri Lanka has recommended that legal action be taken against those responsible for causing a loss to the government by releasing funds to ship Chinese fertilizers without any supervision and to recoup said losses.

The recommendations were made in a special audit report prepared by the Auditor General on the procurement process adopted for the purchase of 96,000 tonnes of organic fertilizers for Sri Lanka.

The report revealed that attempts had been made to import a shipment of fertilizer into Sri Lanka which was not sterilized and contained a pathogen.

He added that if this attempt was successful, it would have posed a direct threat to many economically valuable crops in the country.

The Auditor General also revealed in his report that he suffered a loss by not providing the necessary fertilizer for the cultivation of paddy during the Maha season of 2021/22.

In his report, the Auditor General also points out that the Cabinet proposal to ban chemical fertilizers and use organic fertilizers was made without any scientific study.

The Auditor General recommends that a case be filed against the supplier concerned in order to obtain compensation.

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