AI Post-Production Startup Algomage Raises $850,000 in Pre-Seed Funding Led by The DotIn Network


Revolutionizing post-production with technological tools, Algomage leverages the power of AI to help photographers save time and deliver faster

Founded in 2021 with the aim of revolutionizing the world of post-production for digital photography across the globe, Mumbai-based startup Algomage has been awarded $850,000 in a pre-seed funding round led by The DotIn Network – a closed-door network of investors for renowned Family Offices and angel investors. Built on the fundamental principle of investing in and partnering with innovative early-stage founders, The DotIn aims to leverage its vast network of investors to unlock new growth opportunities for start-ups of all horizons.

Envisioned by Founder and CEO Anand Rathi, who was named to Fearless’ 2019 list of the World’s Top 100 Photographers, Algomage was designed by photographers as the first comprehensive artificial intelligence (AI) post-production suite in the world capable of processing raw images. images in exceptional images in near real time. Using the latest cutting-edge technologies, including machine vision and deep learning, Algomage automates mundane and time-consuming processes such as image selection, editing and sharing, to improve image visibility, reduce image delivery time and save thousands of man hours for small and large businesses. companies

The start-up has over 3,500 active users who process over 5 million images every month through the platform. Algomage helps companies reduce their image processing time by a factor of 50 while incurring a fraction of the cost compared to manual processes. Algomage’s Algoshare tool revolutionizes the way images are shared at live events and brings 10 times more visibility than conventional platforms.

Created as a closed-door investor network in January 2022, the DotIn network was the lead investor in Algomage’s pre-seed funding round, contributing a total of $325,000. Speaking on the thought process behind Algomage’s backing, Pranav Sanghvi, Managing Partner of The DotIn Network, explained: “Our investment philosophy is centered on supporting start-ups that have the potential, the zeal and a passion to transform the industry in which they operate. Algomage fits this description perfectly and is led by passionate people who solve productivity bottlenecks for thousands of photographers using AI. We believe that Algomage is destined to lead the image post-production market in the near future and we are happy to partner with them on the exciting journey ahead. As investors, we will not only lead the funding of the brand, but we will also be closely involved in creating new opportunities by leveraging our networks to introduce Algomage to top event planners, hotel partners and big brands. audience of India. Additionally, we also work closely with Anand and his team to create custom solutions to help short video platforms enable content creation at experiential events. Algomage is off to a good start and we are here for it”

Aiming to reach the top spot in an $18 billion global market, Algomage will deploy the funds to introduce new tools to its AI post-production suite and expand to overseas markets. Commenting on the conclusion of its pre-seed funding round, Anand Rathi- Founder and CEO-Algomage added, “Being a professional photographer involves having to sift through thousands of images every day in the hope of finding the perfect image. that would fit the client’s conditions. In addition, they also need to reach more businesses and focus on improving their visibility by sharing their work across multiple platforms. All of these tasks consume almost four months of productive time per year and involve additional marketing spend. At Algomage, we solve these problems with our AI post-production suite that integrates selection, editing and sharing functionalities. With the recently concluded pre-seed funding round, our focus now will be on unlocking new tools, while expanding our customer base to markets beyond India.

Available as a desktop application and web-based platform, Algomage is aimed at SMBs and enterprises that want to achieve the highest level of imaging at the lowest unit cost with the fastest possible turnaround time. Offering its users complete control at all stages of post-production, Algomage can also be integrated with any existing technology stack via SDKs and APIs.

About the DotIn Network

With the core belief of investing and partnering with innovative early-stage founders, the DotIn network was established in early 2022 by six partners: Pranay Sanghvi, Aayush Bansal, Aayushman Sinha, Akshat Khemka, Ishan Jhunjhunwala and Vanshay Goenka. The six entrepreneurs have a common goal: to support and catalyze the growth of start-ups. With a vision to support Indian start-ups by relying on an extensive network of many member investors, The DotIn aims to take Indian start-ups to the world by forging new paths


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