Agtron Offers Planter Tech Update Without the New Equipment Price – RealAgriculture


Market volatility and rising interest rates can make farmers wonder whether or not they should upgrade to major equipment.

Agtron Enterprises Inc. seeks to alleviate some of that burden with its Legend Air Drill Control. With this product, farmers can upgrade the technology of their equipment without having to buy a whole new machine, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars, according to the company.

The control allows growers to keep up with technological advancements that have been implemented in modern planters, including variable rate control using a simple clutch design. It also integrates with blockage sensors.

Bill Baker, President of Agtron, adds that while current control technology will not require upgrades year after year, it is possible to add more sensors and increase control capacity to better meet the needs. of the farmer.

In terms of price, the Legend Air Drill Control is a far cry from what producers would look for when purchasing a new drill bit. Baker shares that the control can range from around $3,000 to $10,000, depending on options and features selected.

Additionally, Baker says there is no machine the Legend Control is not compatible with. The control, which has been on the market for about a year, requires installation by a professional from the dealership, he says.


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